Bucharest, 25th of  october 1984


2007 – 2009    MA Degree – National University of Arts Bucharest, Graphics Department , prof. Nicolae Alexi

2003 – 2007    – National University of Arts Bucharest, Graphics Department , prof. Stela Lie

1999 – 2003    „Nicolae Tonitza” Highschool of Arts Bucharest

Exhibitions :

2013 – "Problema infinitului personal",26 Gallery,Bucharest,Romania

2013 – solo show "Mehr licht",H’art Gallery, Bucharest, Romania

2013 – "Interieur - Exterieur" (during NAG #7),Casa Ion Mincu OAR

2013 – "finish it" (Atelier in tranzitie #6),(during NAG #7), Atelier 030202 Contemporary Art Space, Bucharest, Romania

2013 – "BOLD"(during NAG #7),POP UP,Bucharest,Romania

2012 – Ungureanu Anghelescu Preda, H’art Gallery, Bucharest, Romania

2012 – Drawing, Victoria Art Center, Bucharest, Romania

2012 – Studio in transition (during NAG #6), Galateca Gallery, Bucharest, Romania

2011 – The New Figurative, Victoria Art Center, Bucharest, Romania

2011 – silenceKILLS, Art Yourself Gallery, Bucharest, Romania

2011 – Exotic East, Jecza Gallery, Art Fair Köln, Germany

2011 – "The art comes to Pantelimon. Watching the neighborhood", Make a Point Gallery,        Bucharest, Romania

2011 – "Atelier in tranzitie" (during NAG #5), temporary exhibition space: A former chocolate factory, Bucharest, Romania

2011 – The Unbearable Other (with George Anghelescu), Atelier 030202 Contemporary Art Space, Bucharest, Romania

2011 – Figure in, Figure out, LC Foundation, Bucharest, Romania

2010 – In Between, Slag Gallery, New York, U.S.A.

2010 – Noah's Ark (during NAG #4), [d] Gallery, Bucharest, Romania

2010 – Buy What You Love, Rema Hort Mann Foundation, Jack Shainman Gallery, New York, U.S.A.

2009 – DE SE NU?, [d] Gallery, Bucharest, Romania

2009    "You are here > containers > virtual animals > my brother", (during NAG#3) at  [d] Gallery , Bucharest

2009    "Bookataria de imagini" with “Clubul Ilustratorilor” at [d] Galllery and at The Ark Gallery  (during NAG #3).

2009    "First Sample" at [d] Gallery, Bucharest

2008    "Illustrate this" with “Clubul Ilustratorilor” at Dean Clough    

            Galleries, Halifax , UK

2008    "Salonul de Mai" at the temporary exhibition space in Maria Rosetti street no.12 ,Bucharest

2008    “Imagenes que cuentan storias” with “Clubul Ilustratorilor” at Teatro del Arenal , Madrid,      Spain   

2007     Evicted Atelier 35 Gallery , Bucharest (28th of July – 4th of August)

2007    Chemin Faisant, Cite Nationale Universitaire, Paris, France

2007    with "Clubul Ilustratorilor"– Chemin Faisant, Cărtureşti Gallery, Bucharest; ApARTE Gallery, Iaşi , Romania

2006    solo show :“Soldiers”, NIT Gallery (now  „Atelier 35” ), Bucharest  (12 - 20 of  November)

2007    „Space,Fire and water” at Mogoşoaia Palace (18th- 25th of february)

2006    „Built to be fired”, UISPP 2006, Lisabona, Portugal

2006    „Do it yourself”,Cărtureşti Gallery, Bucharest

2006    „An experiment continues 2”, IN Gallery, Viena, Austria (3rd of June)

2006    „An experiment continues 1”, Romanian Cultural Institute, Viena, Austria (1st of June)

2006    „Fragment”, UNA Gallery, Bucharest; Bradford College, Bradford, UK

2006    „Export 1”, Goldeness Kalb Gallery, Aarau, Swizerland (May – July)

2005 –  Lipscani Manifesto, HT003 Gallery, Bucharest, Romania

2005    International Summer Camp, Corvineşti Castel, Hunedoara ,Romania

2005    „Us and Pravin”, UNA Gallery , Bucharest

Performance art:

2006    Final performance at the end of the workshop ,,Life of objects”at the Experimental Set ,,Ion Sava”, U.N.A.T.C. (21st of May)

2006    Performance with Warner&Consorten at University Square, Bucharest (18th of May)

Set design:

2008    Set Design for the theatre play „Dedalus Lounge” part of the project „4X4”, “mobile urban observation platform” initiated by Tanga Project , Teatru Luni in GreenHours, Expirat & Other Side and La Motoare stage in the Undercloud Festival

2007    Set Design for the theatre play „Monged” at Testpoint, Desant Theatre,Casandra Theatre, part of the project “Monged in the City”, Bucharest

2006    Set Design for the theatre play during the project „Rahova-Non-stop”,Rahova   Neighbourhood, Bucharest (18-19 of October)

2006    Set Design for the theatre play „Rape”, part of the project „Tanga at the garden”, Green            Hours, Bucharest

Research camps:

2007    Experimental Archeology Camp, Vădastra, Romania (August)

2006    Experimental Archeology Camp, Vădastra, 2 land-art projects (1- 10 August)

2005    Experimental Archeology Camp, Vădastra, (August)